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The YogaSlackers teaching method is characterized by:

  • Safe and Thoughtful Progressions
  • Strong Focus on Fundamentals
  • Clear and Concise Instructions
  • Success by Practice and Repetition

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

YogaSlackers Teacher Training

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Nov 22 - Dec 6, 2019



Until this year, the YogaSlackers Teaching Trainings has been focused on sharing our teaching method directed mainly to the practice of Slackline Yoga. As the partner acrobatics community grows and with it the demand for detailed teaching and coaching programs, we decided that it is time to expand our teacher training to accomodate more time for partner acrobatics teaching methodology.

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting this training in collaboration with Duo Die Acrobatics. After years observing our teaching and practice styles we came to the conclusion that our styles are very similar. While our practice (Slackro) and Duo Die's (Dynamic Acrobatics) is quite different, our approach is spot on. Our teaching and practice method are both based on safety, a strong focus on foundations and the understanding that a strong practice is developed by intelligent training, conditioning, and working together.  

This two week training will kickstart your process on becoming a great teacher. While we cannot teach you everything you need to know about teaching in just two weeks - there are 4+ year college courses on this! -  we can start you in the right path, and help you along the way. Those interested in the training should know that the principal goal of the training is learning how to create plans, develop progressions, find a teaching voice and improve your coaching. We will have time allocated to improving your personal practice, but our main goal is for you to leave the training ready to teach others and yourself. It will be easy to apply your new coaching and teaching skills to other forms of movement based programs.


Goals of the Training

  • Understand how to use foundations as the key to train higher level acrobatics

  • Learn and practice safe practice, teaching and coaching methods

  • Create progressive teaching and training plans (classes, workshops, series)

  • Practice different teaching and coaching styles

  • Develop writing, verbal and embodiment teaching exercises

  • Improve demos (verbal and physical ability)

  • Improve confidence in speaking to a crowd and facilitate movement based classes

  • Understand the process of breaking down skills and movements to their fundamental parts

  • Foster time management skills for classes and effective training

Skills that will be covered during the training

  • Slackline Yoga

  • Slackro

  • Hand to Hand

  • Foot to Hand

  • Icarian Pops

  • L-Base and Standing Acro

  • Conditioning

Additional Information

Take a moment to review the Teacher Training page. There you will find the full list of the information required for a successful application. After a thorough review, gathering all the necessary documents, then go ahead and apply.  We look forward to reviewing your application and welcoming you into the YogaSlackers.

Required Reading

  • Farhi, Donna. (2006). Teaching Yoga: Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship. Rodmell Press.
  • Rosenberg, Marshall B. and Deepak Chopra. (2015). Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, 3rd Edition. PuddleDancer Press.


Recommended Reading

  • Prabhavananda, Swami and Christopher Isherwood. (2001). How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali. Hollywood: Vedanta Press.
  • Coulter, H. David. (2001). Anatomy of Hatha Yoga. A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners. Body and Breath.


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Retreats and Training Intensives are an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people, in inspiring places, exploring the edges of your perceived limitations. What sets our retreats apart from others is the amount of free time you will get. If you’re feeling more chill, or you want to go explore on your own, even miss a whole day, no one is going to yell at you. Conversely, if you’re ready to ‘get some,’ a YogaSlackers retreat guarantees you will retire to your room, tired, after a day full of adventure and play. We promise you will not feel too new or experienced to truly enjoy it!



  • Polish your acrobatic and slackline skills

  • Find the importance of stillness in movement, softness found in strength, and learn the art of silent communication

  • Review the basics of slackline yoga and acro yoga, then progress through the week adding more challenges individually suited to you.

  • Have fun!


Scheduled Events

YogaSlackers Slackline Intensive | Dec 12 - 22

Formerly known as the Koh Lanta Adventure, we have been visiting the Island and training together since the informal creation of this event in 2014. Since then Koh Lanta as become our place of gathering and celebration at the end of the year. During this time we test, train and explore our practice while exploring the beautiful ocean waters of Thailand.






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