• Cincinnati, OH

Matt Eshleman

YogaSlacker, You Do Yoga Owner, ERYT500, Shodan @ Jissenkan Aikijutsu, Reiki Master, Thai Yoga Practitioner, Brew Man, Father, Badass MC

Matt has a smile that will instantly put you at ease, but beneath a gentle exterior is a trained killer with over a decade of experience in martial arts. Matt sees both slackline and martial arts training as a means to endless self development that offer immediate and practical feedback; namely being thrown on the ground. Matt created You Do Yoga, a Cincinnati based grassroots studio for peaceful Taoist rebels. Matt is known for his knowledge of Anatomy in Teacher Trainings, and his practical approach in applying modern science to an understanding of the eastern arts. Matt’s dedication and big heart extends into parenting, food gardening, and brewing a lot of beer. 

Upcoming Events

  • Betsey Mills Club 300 4th St Marietta, OH 45750
    Retreat to a small town feel, get away, and get inspired! Daily Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation practices, and healthy meals restore your energy for in-depth study with a sense of humor. Enjoy evidence-based lecture sessions and hands-on training of Yin Yoga, a practice gaining momentum around the country. Located at the Historic Betsey Mills Club, walking distance from hotels, a riverside park and walking path, coffee shops, and restaurants. ​ Explore the underlying theory of the Yin practice, and gain practical tools and confidence in leading Yin Yoga classes. Learn all about fascia, its unique properties, and how to safely target and train it. Understand the larger concept of exercise and how to bring awareness to different tissues in our practice. Examine variations of the major poses of a Yin practice to safely guide students with confidence.