• Portland, OR

Balance has always been a central theme in my life. The first years of my balance practice were spent perfecting moves as a gymnast, walking on the back of my parent's couch, and handstanding on anything in the outdoors that was relatively stationary. As my gymnastics journey came to a close, I was left trying to find a practice to take its place. I attended my first yoga class and felt a connection instantly, but there was still something missing. In 2007, a friend introduced me to the practice of slacklining and mentioned that there were others out there who did yoga on the line. From that day I have continued my yoga practice on and off the mat in addition to my practice on the slackline. While teaching, I draw from my experiences in climbing, gymnastics, acrobatics, paddle boarding, yoga, traveling and slacklining. I hope to help my students find balance, breath, focus, and smiles each time they step on the line. 

In addition to my movement practices I have a passion for food and sharing my love for gardening and cooking. Currently I am traveling to farms around the world to learn as much as I can about responsible agricultural techniques.  My hope is that this adventure will help layout a path towards working with nature to create a balance between production and sustainability. 



Photos by Bri C Photography