• Gassaway, West Virginia

Jonathan loves all things adventure. When he’s not slacklining, you can find him rock climbing, skiing, skydiving, doing yoga, or otherwise enjoying himself outdoors. He was first introduced to slacklining when a friend setup a line to pass the time while they waited out a weather hold while skydiving. From that day forward, slacklining has been one of his passions.  Jonathan believes that slacklining can be used to help us learn mindfulness.

“It forces us to focus on the present moment and to let go of the other distractions in our lives. By teaching us to bring our attention away from those distractions it allows us to delve deeper within ourselves. The benefits of that, seemingly small change in focus, can be life changing. But even without that, it’s fun!”   

Jonathan loves to learn “all the things” about anything he’s passionate about, and he enjoys sharing that knowledge with others. When he met Sam and Raquel at Wanderlust he knew that he needed to learn more about slackline yoga. Since completing YogaSlackers training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he and his girlfriend Erica teach slacklining locally in West Virginia and are available to travel for workshops and events.