• Phoenix, Arizona

Jen Truong
BS Finance; BS Marketing
200 RYT Hatha Yoga
500 CYT Healing Emphasis Yoga (in progress)
Partner Acrobatics Certified Instructor
YogaSlackers Certified Instructor

Jen fell in love with all things movement in 2015, when she decided to leave her corporate life in banking and finance to pursue a life filled with more balance and positivity. What began as a personal initiative to simply restore her body, mind and spirit, now has turned into a full-fledged passion for sharing the magic of movement, connection, and wellness to others. Jen’s current home is in AZ, but she also travels to teach yoga, acro, & slackline with her husbae, David, who also happens to be a Yogaslackers teacher! Together, they bring a super fun, playful, and authentic vibe to the sessions they teach.


In addition to being a part of the Yogaslackers family, Jen also spent over 200 hours training in Spain with the Partner-Acrobatics.com team. She also teaches yoga, and loves to balance the yang side of life by sharing a Yin style of teaching. Jen finished an additional 500 hours of training in healing emphasis yoga, and she plans to bring more healing elements into both her teaching and personal practice. On the side, Jen is also a barista, and she has dreams to travel, teach, & make delicious cups of coffee for those she crosses paths with along the way.

Contact Jen:

p: (623) 428-9553

e: [email protected]

w: https://www.jenanddavidacro.com/


Social Media:

Instagram: @jenanddavidacro

Facebook: Jen and David Acro