• Scranton, PA

Corinne Farrell is here to help you create a balanced body and mind.

To that aim, she studies extensively in the fields of Structural Integration, Yoga, Personal Training, Kinesiology, Massage Therapy, Slacklining & Acrobatics. Her students & clients routinely credit her with helping them find freedom from pain, greater mobility & inspiration to live stronger, healthier lives.

Having worked with blind children, the families of fallen officers, competitive cyclists & expecting mothers, Corinne knows a thing or two about the human condition, and strives daily to be a beneficial presence to her global family. She’s known for her masterful approach to all things kinesthetic, and happily offers her extensive knowledge to help you live a richer, fuller, more active life.

To book Corinne for private lessons or your next event, class or workshop, please contact her via email at corinne@balancenepa.com