• Chesapeake, Virginia


AcroYogi . Martial Artist . Professional Slacker



If you’re looking for your inner Zen master, Andy Woolard is the man to help you find it.


Deeply steeped in discipline & flow, Andy brings an artist’s eye and a keen sense of awareness to everything he does. Whether he’s slacklining, teaching Taekwondo, or practicing acrobatics, he thrives on helping others develop focus, balance and inner peace.


In and out of the classroom, Andy is a stand for the art of Presence. A lifelong student of humanity, Andy loves helping people discover their instincts, tap their potential and cultivate high performance in all areas of life.


He believes in investing in people, rather than things.

He believes in adventurous goal setting and spontaneous plan B’s.

He believes in the spark.


These days you can find Andy at home in Chesapeake, VA, developing “SlacKwonDo,” managing his business, raising a family and figuring out all the buttons on his fancy camera.


To book Andy for your next class, festival, workshop, or personal lesson, simply email awoolard@clarion.pro.