• Nomadic

Aaron McGarity has always been happiest while exploring movement. As soon as he was tall enough to reach the lowest branches, he was climbing trees and marveling at the new perspectives he could experience. Throughout his childhood, he participated in all types of activities and sports including swimming, baseball, running, rock-climbing and mountain biking. 


In 2011, Aaron walked his first slackline while studying abroad in Argentina. The challenge was too enticing to forget, and once back in the United States, he got a slackline to begin practicing on his own. After graduating, Aaron couldn’t bear to get a traditional 9-5, so he chased his passion for the outdoors and physical movement and began working as a tree climbing arborist. Throughout his twenties, he could be found climbing trees at work, at the rock climbing gym after work (climbing and doing yoga), or out in the woods during the weekends, occasionally returning to the centering properties of the slackline. 


After being a rent paying, certifiable adult for 6 years, Aaron’s daydreams of traveling and experiencing new places began to be too great to satisfy only on the weekends. He decided the open road was for him, and has not had a permanent address since 2017. He resides in his 2005 self-converted sprinter van with his partner Sarah Kat, and dog, Naboo. 


Partner Acrobatics entered Aaron’s life unexpectedly in early 2018 when he met Sarah Kat. Aaron was stoked about the new activities Sarah happily shared with him, and added acro and handstand practices to his life. Aaron is currently excited to be a traveling YogaSlackers teacher, spreading the joy of playful movement with others.