Featured Events
  • Nov 25th - Dec 3rd
    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    This 'retreat' is one of the best events we set through out the year. There's a reason why we keep saying we are not doing it again and yet we are on it's 5th iteration and the reason is this: it is awesome! This event is a training intensive in a retreat-like location. Come experience over 8 hrs of training per day among talented, passionate and fun participants.

  • Nov 3rd - Nov 10th
    Marrakech, Morocco
    Join us for a week of AcroYoga, Handstand training, standing acrobatics, therapeutics, and Thai massage in the exotic city of Marrakech.

  • Dec 17th - Dec 27th
    Koa Lanta, Thailand
    Join us in the Islands for the opportunity to slackline over beautiful pristine waters, at secluded beaches and to practice acro while experiencing some of the best sunsets in the planet.

  • Apr 9th - Apr 14th
    Punta Mona, Costa Rica
    A unique and special retreat gathering! Join the Yoga Trade family for six days and five nights at PUNTA MONA, Costa Rica

  • Open Space Yoga Studio 630 E 57th Pl Anchorage, AK 99518
    Join Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández-Cruz of the YogaSlackers during their short visit in Anchorage. This duo of slackers will be sharing with us two of their passions: handstands and slackro (acroyoga inspired by slacklining).

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