YogaSlackers is an eclectic group united by five principles: Yoga, Slacklining, AcroYoga, Adventure and Conditioning. Jason Magness and Sam Salwei co-founded the group in 2005 based on the activities that define their lifestyle. The stories behind the formation of our practice, family, and the business of YogaSlackers are humorous and full of serendipity. It seems that we were often just in the right place at the right time.

We specialize in gently nudging our students (and ourselves) far outside the comfort zone and into the realm of ultimate growth. Through traditional yoga, as well as various yogic based practices such as climbing, slacklining, and acrobatics we have become known worldwide for our teaching abilities. Our students say we “help them reach their potential” and “are super fun to be around!”

With a roster including 138 teachers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and France, YogaSlackers all over the world have a broad appeal and a lot to share. Over the years we have taught slacklining to over 30,000 people and at over 40 festivals worldwide. Our unique practice has been featured in Yoga Journal, Climbing Magazine and the Wall Street Journal – to name a few.

YogaSlackers methodology is founded in a strong asana practice. Since yoga has been an essential part of our daily activities, it naturally formed an essential part of our slackline practice. In reality, both practices - yoga and slacklining - affect one another. Not only does doing yoga on the ground make you a better slacker, but the benefits of slacklining can also be seen on your yoga mat. With the years, our yoga practice - as our slackline yoga practice - has developed and evolved into something new. Nowadays, YogaSlackers seldom practice traditional yoga. But we still use yoga as a warm-up, cool-down, and to prepare our bodies for slacklining, acrobatics, and conditioning.

The practice of yoga is what links our teachers together. The inherent philosophy and lifestyle of a yoga practitioner offers a causeway, a shared medium, in which our teachers connect and thrive.  This shared practice sets us apart in the slackline community. Our teaching method includes yogic techniques such as breath awareness, dristhi (focus point), and concentration. This differs from mainstream slacklining in that YogaSlacking is essentially centered on finding stillness on the line- in our bodies, in our breath, and in our minds.

Slackline Yoga, or YogaSlacking, is a type of slacklining which emphasizes static postures, transitions, and learning to control the line and your body. YogaSlacking is usually practiced on a garden line- a line is which is short and close to the ground offering a safe place to gain new skills. Standing and walking on the line are only a small subset of the practice. Through the YogaSlackers' progressive method, students get the tools they need to develop a slackline practice that includes our five main modalities: kneeling, standing, sitting, arm balances and inversions. As we learn what is possible, our relationship with the line becomes more comfortable. As comfort increases, we seek to push boudaries again! We continually strive to bring ourselves back into the beginner mindset. The most classic ways to return to that crazy feeling of first stepping on a line are simple: lengthen the line, change the location of the line to something unfamiliar (and maybe less forgiving), or do both. 

In recent years, the YogaSlackers have been blurring the boundaries between classic acroyoga and slacklining. Imagine moves and sequences from the slackline morphed into acro moves. Or imagine using acro to train for more advanced slackline possibilities. We take the fantastic ideas our minds come up with and we manifest them into a physical reality. 

This new form of partner acrobatics has been dubbed 'slackro' or dual balance. Slackro empowers both the base AND the flyer with an active role in their acro practice. This is unique and differes from traditional partner acrobatics where the flyer stays very still, doesn’t move, and the base is in control of the balancing.

The combination of acro and slacklining creates another level of body awareness that teaches greater balance and connection. It adds diversity, while giving you and your partner more confidence. And it's really fun!

YogaSlackers' conditioning specifically includes exercises which increase body strength, balance and flexibility. We enjoy the process of working out in groups and creating sequences that are fun and challenging. The goal is to increase our overall fitness using the energy of community to push past perceived boundaries. We combine traditional core and body weight training, acrobatics, and slackline balance to get you the most results in the least amount of time.

Not only is is challenging, fun, and rewarding, but using conditioning as a tool, you can quickly find the edge of what is possible. 

  • Conditioning for Slackers focuses on gaining strength, flexibility and balance while utilizing the energy of a group for support and encouragement.
  • Slackline Conditioning is a unique approach utilizing the slackline to create a full body workout.
  • AcroYoga Conditioning works with a partner to increase your strength, balance and flexibility.
'Adventure is an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.'

Adventure is setting out on a journey (mental or physical) where you are not at all sure of the outcome. Oftentimes, the best adventures are the ones that are so “unknown” that we don’t even know how to define the “success” that we are hoping for. Some may even say 'An adventure is simply a vacation gone wrong.'

If you have been around any YogaSlackers for long enough, you might have experienced one of their adventures. We strive to have adventures on a daily basis. Why? Because we understand that adventure helps shape you as a person. Adventures let you see who you are deep inside, without any filter. Adventures are a way to push the limits of human potential and discover who we really are. Ultimately, a desire for adventure is what every first-time slackliner or acroyogi needs to embrace in order to take that first step.

On a historical note, before the YogaSlackers were teaching slackline yoga, founders Sam and Jason were adventure racing as Team YogaSlackers. Now, Team YogaSlackers is an entity of its own and has become a name that keeps professional adventure racers awake at night. Currently, Jason Magness, Daniel Staudegel, and Chelsey Magness, along with a few others, have become one of the top adventure racing teams in the world. Follow Team YogaSlackers.

Sam Salwei Co-founder and Teacher

Sam co-created YogaSlackers, specializing in combining Yoga poses on a Slackline as well as integrating other body awareness practices such as AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics. He has a great deal of knowledge and experience on the slackline, creating amazing spectacles wherever he goes. Today he can be found traveling the globe sharing these unique practices at festivals, retreats and workshops. When not adventuring abroad he goes by trusty steed (the PeaceLoveCar aka PLC) where he juggles managing the YogaSlackers with teaching.

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Jason Magness Co-founder, Teacher and Team YogaSlackers

Jason is an internationally renowned yogi-adventurer who has practiced various forms of Yoga for more than 15 years. Cofounder of the YogaSlackers, he is also an AcroYoga teacher, advanced level Ashtanga practitioner, environmentalist, former physicist and mastermind of Team YogaSlackers.

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Raquel Hernandez-Cruz General Manager and Teacher

Raquel is a former Marine Scientist turned yogi, acroyoga and slackliner. She is committed to sharing her passions and love of life by leading workshops, trainings and festival classes around the world. She takes care of the scheduling and “real world” tasks that keep YogaSlackers alive. Most of this is done from the comforts of the PeaceLoveCar.

Feel free to reach out to her at

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Michelle Griffith Festival Outreach and Teacher

Michelle began slacklining 5 years ago as an excuse to not do her homework for quantum mechanics class and took the YogaSlackers teacher training in 2015 after graduating with a Physics degree. She lived out of her truck for 2.5 years, embodying the YogaSlackers nomadic spirit. She helps to manage the YogaSlackers Instagram and has taken on a role in which she searches for, proposes, and negotiates for teaching positions for the YogaSlackers as an organization. Michelle considers herself a business development intern of sorts of the YogaSlackers, learning and growing from them every step of the way.

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