Patagonia Bound!

Jason, Daniel, Paul and myself have had an amazing time here in SanDiego thanks to our YogaSlackers Safe House #101 (also known as the Staudigel household).  This house has been our landing zone before and after many big adventures, and was even the place where Jason and I had our wedding reception two years ago.   

Needless to say, we have had many awesome memories here, and it has been a great pad for training, relaxing and eating! 

These past couple of days saw us paddling, running, biking, testing out some of our new gear and packing up food and last minute gear items.  We are super excited to have the support of Tailwind  for our main carb intake, Royal Hawaiian Orchards  for our main fat intake, Krave Jerky  for our protein and of course Alpine Aire , GU  and Honey Stinger  for our go to race food. 

To check out all of the gear items we are taking (down to our underwear!) including old and new items, be sure to check out our gear page. 

This year we are especially excited because for the first time ever, our friends and families back home can track us LIVE on our site and read our status updates on both our website (click on LIVE) and on our facebook page-  Be sure to follow along! From now until after the race (Feb 22) we will be updating our status in real time.  

We are Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers and Sam's team including Raquel Hernandez- Cruz, Tom Grundy and Taz make up Team 4 Continents/YogaSlackers. They are actually down in Chile now, and are hopefully on their way down to Punta Arenas! They are having a grand adventure (which includes buying and driving a car down to Punta Arenas from Santiago) before the race even begins. If you are interested in following them, please like and check out, as their posts go directly to this page. 

We are heading to Tom Widdison's house for dinner in LA (safe house #128) and then we are off to LAX for our flight down south!  Cross your fingers for us, we are hoping to get all of our bags, bikes and food to Punta Arenas! 

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you are out doing something fun!