We are home..

After a long journey back home we are all back in the states safe and sound. We are almost fully rested, however, we are not quite over our withdrawal of 10 cent chai teas (available on every street corner) and $1.00 thali plates (a classic all you can eat lunch plate).   Jason, myself and Daniel cannot stop deeply inhaling the crisp, clean mountain air and are very grateful that our water can be drank straight from the tap!  Sam is busy putting in (yes another one) a transmission in the PLC and Chris and Kristy are back in sunny SanDiego. 

After visiting such a densely populated country filled with all sorts of smells, sounds, people, and animals everywhere you look....  America seems quite boring.   It was a little TOO quiet when driving to the grocery store the other day...  I kept waiting for loud honking horns, a cow in the middle of the street,  and a giant truck to be in my lane.. but everyone actually obeyed the dotted lines and even used their blinkers... weird!   At the moment, we are getting back into the swing of things which entails getting all trained up and ready for the Patagonian Expedition Race  and going to the Outdoor Retailer Show.  Please stay tuned in for more pictures from our trip, a final blog and a 10-15 minute long feature presentation from our Rickshaw Run Journey.  We went into it not knowing what to expect and open for what ever came our way, we didn't have a set plan, only a compass, an awesome satellite tracker and a map system loaded onto a gps device (thanks to Delorme!) that we promptly misplaced and didn't find until the last day.   We had an unfortunate run in with a  Jeep, were told to turn around.. but didn't, and miraculously found our way to the finish line with loads of unforgettable memories behind us.  We can't wait to show you a fraction of them in our video.  Until then, we hope to see you down the road..... If you have enjoyed watching our adventure, please considering making a donation by clicking on one of the 6 of us on the main Rickshaw page! All donations go STRAIGHT to Franks Water Project  which helps get clean water to the much needed places in India.. which is ALL of India! even 5 dollars goes a long way..  

Thank YOU for all of your support thus far, we really appreciated all of your messages and donations! It was really fun being in the middle of nowhere, broken down or out of gas and to receive a warm, funny message from home.  Also, thank you to PrAna, Wenger and all of our other gear sponsors, we couldn't have done it with out your support! 

- Chelsey, Jason, Sam, Daniel, Chris and Kristy