The Rickshaw Run is fast approaching!!!

Chelsey after passing her motorcycle test! 


Well, the dates of our departure for India are coming up fast!  Our two teams of three (Jason, Chelsey, Sam, Dan Staudigel, Chris and Kristy Harden) - Team Yoga and Team Slackers are working hard at checking off all the mandartory items off our to - do lists. Things like visas, plane tickets, rickshaw art, motorcycle license, foriegn drivers license are just a few things on the must do list.  Others include getting our website in all good working order so you folks back home (or whereever you may be!!) can follow us! Thanks to Delorme, we have tracking devises that are spot on and precise at telling you our location over the interwebs... we can also tweet from where ever as well!  So posts like we are lost again, Dan is pushing the Rickshaw down the muddy road.. are in our not to far off future!

Thanks to our main Sponsor PrAna- we will be riding in style as we drive the 4000 plus km through India, and thanks to Wenger, our second tier sponsor for supplying us with solar panels, and the necessary tools for when we do brake down! We are going to try to fix everything with the Ranger Grip 90 and the SOSAK Swiss Grip. Other Sponsors who are helping us out majorly with gear include Cocoon (for light weight bug screens and silk bed liners) Joshua Tree sunscreen, PacSafe (for luggage that can't get broken into easily!), Pelican Products (for their awesome tough computer cases) and of course Delorme (for their InReach gps tracking and communications system). And finally thanks to GearJunkie for always supporting us in what ever way they can in all of our crazy adventures!  Please take a look at our Rickshaw Run Adventure Page (by clicking on the Red Rickshaw Stamp) for more information on all the gear we are taking, as well as pictures, videos and information on donating to our cause. 

We are doing this race because it is an epic adventure.... but more importantly for raising money for the Franks Water Project.  Through this charity communities are provided with safe, clean water by employing ultra violet and reverse osmosis technology to filter water and remove diseases causing both chemical and biological contamints.  

Please consider donating to our cause.  We hope to raise $3000 dollars!!! 

Please check back frequently for posts/blogs and videos on our progress. Our first video will be out soon!!