YogaSlackers Cochise Thanksgiving Retreat

Rediscover yourself in the desert with Jason, Chelsey, Chip and Laura of the YogaSlackers. Get ready for adventure, organic vegetarian breakfasts, dinners & a Sunday brunch, star gazing, and great peeps! No experience or partner necessary. You bring your camping gear and "climbing snacks", and we'll bring the climbing gear and a good time. 

The blend of activities we'll be offering:



A blend of acrobatics and yoga. Learn how to play with another person while strengthening your body. Grow and refine your own existing practice or discover it for the first time! 


Thai Massage

Learn how to give and receive massage. It sure feels amazing after a full day of rock climbing.



Also known as "Vertical Yoga". Come learn how to smear, trust your feet and put your warrior one legs and arm balance arms to the test. If you have no idea what these sayings mean, come find out and push your limits. 



The icing on the cake! Rarely do we find a climbing area that allows us to set up slacklines. At Cochise we are lucky enough to be able to blend all of our loves into one (acro, climbing, yoga, slacklining, eating) - as they all compliment one another beautifully. Learn how to stand, kneel, sit, arm-balance and much more on a one-inch piece of webbing. Eventually one can do full vinyasa sequences on the line. The Slackline is the perfect tool for transforming your yoga practice, climbing, mountain-biking, skiing, running...even meditating. 

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