REDEFINING THE INNER BALANCE, PUERTO RICO 2013 co taught with Kadri Kurgun


"Go courageously inside... the outside will fall into place elegantly"
Based on the original Redefining Balance retreat, this experience will explore the balance of our inner world - where trust, healing and happiness originate. Through different practices of meditation along with deep inquiry, we will mindfully engage in yoga, surfing, acrobatics, slacklining, climbing and various other therapeutic practices including tai chi, thai massage and shiatsu.
The morning session will start with a yoga practice or surf lesson which will emphasize tuning in to the elements through the inclusion of mindful centering aspects such as pranayama and meditation, both on the ground and in the water. These practices will translate to an afternoon module that will include acrobatics, climbing, Thai massage and slacklining workshops that focus on therapeutic movement, alignment and balance.
Sunsets and early evenings will include travel to unique spots around the beautiful West coast of Puerto Rico for meditation and discussion on health, herbalism, tantra, shamanism and connecting through the heart for personal, interpersonal and global transformation. 
Due to the deep nature and the commitment of this work we are limiting the size of this retreat to a small number of students and will have a brief questionnaire for all applicants. 
february 1 - 8 , 2013 
$750  -  $1220 before Dec 1st  
$875  -  $1350 after
*rates include accommodation, all classes, 
surf lessons & welcome dinner
Accomodation rates vary from camping to 
private rooms, please inquire for exact rates.
*** Space is extremely limited***
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