Wanderlust O'ahu

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March 01st - March 03rd, 2019

Turtle Bay Resort, O'ahu

  • Acro
  • Slackline
  • Conditioning

From the moment you step foot on this northernmost point of O’ahu, you feel the energy: the trade winds, the pulsating waves, and the verdant landscape with its lush, floral aroma all collaborate to captivate. Turtle Bay Resort sits between two breathtaking coves, where surfers have for decades been chasing the perfect wave. Today, it is a place for seekers of a different kind. When Wanderlust Festival alit upon the North Shore six years ago, the spirit of aloha became infused with the essence of namaste, and a new yogic center was born.


When you unroll your mat at Wanderlust O’ahu, you practice with some of the world’s most beloved teachers, moving with the rhythm of the surf caressing Kuilima Point. But there may be days where your mat, in fact, never unfurls because you were pounding the sand on a beachside trail run and cruising to Kawela Bay for a Stand Up Paddleboard yoga session. As the stars reveal themselves, that’s your cue for mingling and melding with the beats of Wanderlust’s late night musical escapades.

YogaSlackers Classes

Friday, March 1

11:00am Slackline Yoga Fundamentals 

5:00pm Slackline Yoga: The Path to Ultimate Balance   


Saturday, March 2

11:00am Slackline Yoga Fundamentals

3:00pm Slackline Yoga: Starting the Long Walk   


Sunday, March 3

11:00am Slackro: Slackline Yoga And Partner Acrobatics


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