Our Favorite Packing (and Traveling) Tools

Raquel Hernandez-Cruz

People often say that Sam and I are the ‘poster children of non-attachment’. They have no idea how misguided that statement is! We travel with all our worldly possessions. That’s one of the advantages of living in a car! Our most stressful days are when we need to sit down and pack for big international events when we travel without our car. 

Twice a year we pack our bags for an extensive adventure. We are not really good ‘backpackers’. You know the people you see on Lonely Planet with a large bag on their backs, headed to explore the word? We would like to do that. But we want to take *every single piece* of adventure gear we own with us. After all, we’re traveling to these places to do it ALL: climb, snorkel, paddle board, pack raft, hike, run, slackline, camp, swim, etc.


Before each international event, we sit down and talk about the trade-offs of taking our gear with us or renting gear once we are there. More often than not, we decide that having the comforts of our own gear, and the liberty of using it whenever we want, outweigh the added cost of an extra checked bag and hauling a paddle board all over Asia.

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