The Rickshaw Run!

What is it??  -  The Rickshaw run is an event in which teams drive auto rickshaws (also known as Tuk, Tuk’s, three wheeled cabin cycles)  along the length of India.  They can choose their own route, all they have to do is finish within 14 days... and they HAVE to finish with their rickshaw in one piece!  On Jan 2013 the YogaSlackers will set out to complete the roughly 3000 km- 4000km journey (depending on our route choice).  Jason, Sam, Daniel, Chelsey, Chris and Kristy really have no idea what to expect, but they are hoping to share their love of slacklining, acro, yoga and adventure with who ever crosses their path. They also hope to learn as much as they can about the people, culture and land that makes up India. Read their blogs, take a look at their pictures and watch their videos as they partake in this crazy journey. 

Sooo, this sounds fun and all.... But why? 

We are always looking for ways to push our limits and help out in any way that we can. With the Rickshaw run, we are raising money for Frank Water Projects through this charity communities are provided with safe, clean water by employing ultra violet and reverse osmosis technology to filter water and remove diseases causing both chemical and biological contaminants.  Since 2005 they have been funding clean water projects in India. They have focused on removing bacteria, viruses & chemicals using different types of filters. All FRANK water projects are sustainable, community run rural village projects for villagers living below the poverty line.

Please take a break from what you are doing and Donate (look to the left and click on one of the Slackers) Even 5 dollars goes a long way!!!