The Patagonian Expedition Race.. Take 4 

Jason, Chelsey, Daniel and Paul of Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers are going back for more adventures, sweat, tears, delirious laughs, and epic suffer fests. "Why?"  you might ask do we go back year after year???  Well... because we feel that it is one of the most amazing places on this earth and the race is really what it says it is:  "The Last Wild Race".   We are being told that this years race will take us into more uncharted territory in the northern parts of Patagonia. We are hoping for lots of paddling, crazy mountain passes and epic weather. We will be sure get lots of what ever  crazy stunts we try to pull off to stay ahead of our competition!  To get an idea of the race and what we go through.. check out last years video:

Big news as well is that there will be a second YogaSlackers Team.  Sam Salwei, Tom Grundy, Raquel Hernandez- Cruz, and Taz Lawrie will make up Team 4 Continents/YogaSlackers. Sam has been down there as a photographer (with Paul as well) and last year as a racer on Team 4 Continents with Taz. They are hoping to finish strong, which is in itself a huge accomplishment since over half the teams do not cross the finish line. 

This year the reigning champs, the Brits are coming back along with many first year teams from around the world including Vietnam, Russia and the UAE! This will be Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers 4th time down there. We have a record of 5th, 2nd and 3rd place.  So there's really only one place left for us.. and that is 1st!!! 

We are super excited, no matter what happens, as it is always a life changing, amazing experience.  This year we will have live tracking on this site thanks to Delorme for providing us with the amazing inReach device. Thanks to them, you will be able to see where we are, read the messages we send out and send us a message! Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers will be Yoga1 on the map, and Team 4 Continents/YogaSlackers will be Yoga2.  Thank you for all of your support, please check out the gear, videos from the previous years and our recent training videos and the pictures from the links on this page. Throughout the race,  and of course the facebook pages of GearJunkie, YogaSlackers and the Patagonian Expedtion Race will be posting about the progress of the teams. Do take into account, that we are in the middle of NOWWHERE, so there is NOT play by play updates. It may be a few days until you get a status update.  

Another one of our faves from the past years. PER 2011

Big thank you to our sponsors - PrAna, Ibex, Wenger, GearJunkie, Royal Hawaiian, Ellsworth Bikes, Leki and Delorme.  And we also GREATLY appreciate the product support from Fenix Lights, Ergon, Alpacka Rafts, Cascade Designs, 2XU, Inov8, Sterling Rope, Kokatat, Alpine Aire, Honey Stinger, GU, Tailwind, Krave, Java Juice, Specialized and to our first local supporter- Rebound who is helping the teams joints and muscles stay healthy!  With out you, this would not be possible!   

For more details on the race- check out-